GCSE Hospitality & Catering


  • After school on Tuesdays 
  • GCSE & BTEC Year 11 pupils welcome
  • Mrs Modrates classroom

Revision Links

These links are the websites where we have found some of the useful information and resources that you will find on this page. To find more information or visit the sites that they came from, click on the links below.

A list of websites that might be helpful in research and revision.

WJEC Specification 2012 – (New updated version)

Food Technology BBC Bitesize

Teacher resources – TES Connect

Many of the PowerPoints including the “Who wants to be a millionnaire” games, have come from TES Connect resources. We have put some of our favourites on here so that pupils and teachers can find the subject specific resources in one place to aid revision.

Revision Resources – Catering

Copies of resources used in lessons or for revision.

Health, Safety and Hygiene Revision Guide

Catering overview PowerPoint revision resource

Catering past paper Questions and Answers

Revision cards – Nutrition

Knowledge Tests

Knowledge test 1

Answers – test 1

Knowledge test 2

Answers – test 2

Knowledge Tests

GCSE Catering Practice 1 (2006)

GCSE Catering Practice 1 (2006) – Answers

GCSE Catering Practice 2 (2007)

GCSE Catering Practice 2 (2007) – Answers

GCSE Catering Practice 3 (2007)

GCSE Catering Practice 3 (2007) – Answers

GCSE Catering Challenging 1 (2008)

GCSE Catering Challenging 1 (2008) – Answers

GCSE Catering Challenging 2 (2008)

GCSE Catering Challenging 2 (2008) – Answers

GCSE Catering Challenging 3 (2007)

GCSE Catering Challenging 3 (2007) – Answers

GCSE Catering Challenging 4 (2007)

GCSE Catering Challenging 4 (2007) – Answers

Time plan example template

Revision Resources – Hospitality

Hospitality Revision (3)

Hospitality Revision (3) with model example answers

Hospitality revision

Hospitality mock revision


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